About us

Generations Passion

What do you want to be when you grow up”?

“Just like you” - I replied without a second thought


Growing up in a house surrounded by jewelry conversations, was already like being a part of the Business. The passion of my great grandfather was so contagious that my father and every person in the family got involved in the Business at a very young age. Seeing them dedicate themselves to work and create the beautiful jewels with their own hands intrigued me. In one corner of my heart, I knew I desired to contribute to their passion.

Currently the  young generation of the family is carrying forward the legacy alongside the elders and staying firm to its value systems with a renewed, refreshed touch. Quality and personal touch has and will always be of utmost importance to us.

The products are available in India, U.A.E and South/North America.  Moving from my home to a new country was the perfect opportunity to bring these precious jewels to the EU. All the raw materials are sourced locally from India and UAE and designed with love. I am finally on the track to be like my father and translate his passion into my work. I still see so many familiar faces that I have seen since childhood when I go to the factory.  Going to work in India feels like an extended family and not like typical work. The energy is so high that it makes you put in your best. 

Alliwantjewels is an India meets Berlin product just like us. My husband being German and I, Indian combine to provide high quality, reasonably priced jewelry all under one roof designed with family imprinted  passion by the young generation of the family. We want each person to enjoy wearing and buying the jewelry from alliwantjewels. All the products will be sent to you from Berlin.